Capital Plaza Finds Aeroseal Duct Sealing Reduces Monthly Energy Bill, Ends Chronic Mold Problems & Eliminates Cold Spots – Pays for Itself in 18 Months

To say that the owners of the Capital Plaza Hotel in Kentucky were energy conservation skeptics would be an understatement. “If it worked, everyone would be doing it” was a familiar sentiment. Today, however, they are true believers. With the help of Aeroseal, the 10-story hotel and convention center, in the heart of the state’s capitol, has just been Energy Star certified. Owners estimate that duct sealing and other “low hanging” energy saving measures have reduced operating costs by $110,000 a year. Sealing leaks also fixed bathroom exhaust issues, eliminating chronic mold and mildew problems. Cold spots have been replaced with even temperatures throughout the facilities.

In Brief

Building: Capital Plaza Hotel, Frankfort,
Aeroseal Contractors: Service Tech, Vandalia, OH
Energy Consultants: Interdependent Energies
Building Specs: 10-story; 160,000 ft2; hotel/convention center. First opened in 1960.
Goal: Reduce duct leaks; save energy; improve IAQ.
Before Aeroseal: Total system leakage: 6,270 CFM*
After Aeroseal: Total system leakage: 771 CFM
Results: a nearly 90% reduction in leakage.
*Cubic feet per minute

The work began with a “proof of concept” demo for the hotel where one section of the building’s entire ductwork system was sealed. The success of that demo led to the bigger project of sealing the hotel’s entire system. The sealing process took five days to complete. Payback is estimated in less than two years. Ongoing savings estimated for duct sealing alone is approximately $24,000/year. Additional savings are expected through reduced maintenance costs and equipment repair. The once skeptical owners are now enthusiastic supporters of aerosol duct sealing and other energy conservation measures for significantly reducing overall operational costs.


“During the demo we got to see how the Aeroseal technology actually worked. The computer-generated graph follows the sealing process in real time, and we watched as the leaks were sealed and the CFM of lost air went down to practically nothing. There was no other way, short of tearing down and rebuilding the hotel that we could have gotten anything near these results.”

Chad Braden, Director of Facilities, Capital Plaza

“I was getting quotes for an overhaul of the HVAC system that ran $1 million to $2 million dollars – it would have taken decades to pay back. We opted instead to seal the ductwork with Aeroseal. That dramatically improved the efficiency of the current system, allowed us to reduce energy use related to heating and the use of exhaust fans and it solved a lot of issues related to poor ventilation. We expect pay back on the duct sealing to take less than two years. Then it’s simply ongoing savings right off the top of the hotel’s monthly operating expenses.”

Jason Delambre, Energy Consultant, Interdependent Energies LLC

Aeroseal – The Technology

– Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994.
– Research for Aeroseal was partially funded by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.
– Aeroseal is the only duct sealant technology that is applied from the inside of the duct system. It is delivered as a non-toxic aerosol mist that seeks out and plugs leaks.
– Aeroseal has proven to be 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks.

Aeroseal – The Company

– Aeroseal LLC is a subsidiary of JMD Corporation. The company is dedicated solely to the support of its dealers and the expansion of Aeroseal technology as a primary means of residential and commercial energy conservation.
– Aeroseal is the sole owner and licensee of Aeroseal technology.

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