Safe. Clean. Comfortable.




  • Attract patients

  • Grow patients referrals

  • Ensure comfort and safety

  • Provide better air quality

  • Comply with safety regulations and codes

  • Contain energy costs

  • Increase outsourcing/vendor/tenant retention

“Exhausting air from a leaky ventilation shaft is like using a straw with holes in it. No amount of force is adequate to effectively ventilate the bottom floors of the building. Now, after sealing the leaks with Aeroseal, all floors are getting the ventilation they need. As a side benefit, we were able to dramatically reduce the speed of the exhaust fan, which has resulted in substantial energy savings for the clinic. With the ductwork effectively sealed, we are now able to take additional steps to optimize the entire exhaust system.” -Chuck Boynton Areas Project Manager, Carrier Corporation


  • Reduces up to 90% duct leakage

  • Fixes pressurization issues

  • Decreases fan horsepower

  • Extends equipment life

  • Better IEQ

  • Increases comfort

  • Does not require shutdown or interruption of daily operations to Aeroseal buildings

  • Consumes less energy

  • Saves on heating and cooling cost

Is Your Hospital or Clinic the
Foundation for Quality Care?


A high quality environment of an acute-care hospital,clinic, or other medical healthcare facility is more critical,specialized and important than almost any other type of building. Healthcare facilities must meet regulatory compliance for cleanliness and safety. Essential for healthcare facilities is that they:

  • provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for their patients, visitors and employees

  • help the staff be more productive and focus work activities

  • increase operational performance and efficiencies,

  • comply with regulatory and accreditation requirements

  • create an environment that attracts and retains customers and key staff

We help you achieve these goals and provide your customer with he highest possible level of quality air and cleanliness with our patented, innovative duct sealing solution.

Proven Positive Outcomes in Clinical Spaces

A typical healthcare clinic loses 25-40% of heating and cooling energy throughout the ductwork. Aeroseal reduces up to 90% of duct leakage.Our commercial duct sealing system will reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Our duct sealing solution covers:

  • patient care areas, hospital rooms, isolation rooms, surgical suites, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, and ambulatory care

  • professional ancillary areas, laboratories, radiology, and pharmacy

  • support operations, data center and central sterile supply

Case Study

Aeroseal Used To Seal Exhaust Ventilation System And Ultimately Gain Control of Airflow at Nemours Children’s Clinic

Type: 11-story outpatient medical facility

HVAC Contractor: Carrier Corporation

Aeroseal Contractors: Aeroseal Southeast

Property Name: Nemours Children’s Clinic

Goal: Improve airflow; reduce the risk of

nosocomial infections

Before Aeroseal: Total system leakage: 4,912 CFM

After Aeroseal: Total system leakage: 723 CFM

Results: 85% reduction in leakage.

“In order for a hospital to be clean, you have to manage the building’s airflow. By aerosealing the exhaust shafts we ensured that the right amount of stale and potentially infectious air is being adequately and continually removed from the building.” -Derrick Rhodes, President Aeroseal Southeast