How to Save Money on Your Home’s Heating Bill

You may have heard the recent news: This year, homeowners are slated to pay record prices to heat their homes. The average homeowner is likely to see a more than 10 percent hike in heating costs. That figure is particularly distressing when you consider that up to 40 percent of the energy used for heating is wasted. Cleaning your home’s heating/cooling system can do a lot more than improve the quality of the circulating air. It can also make a huge difference in your monthly utility bills and help you save money on your home’s heating bill. Save money with air duct cleaning

The Problem with Dirt

Dust and debris reduce the ability of a home’s heating and cooling system to work properly. Consider that dirty systems—especially dirty coils—use up to 30 percent more energy to heat and cool the home. Meanwhile, dirty filters block airflow through the system, increasing your energy bill and shortening the equipment’s life. Dust and dirt that doesn’t get caught by either the filter or the coils is then blown through the rest of the system. These contaminants build up in the ductwork over time, so the system must work harder and longer to achieve the desired comfort level, using more energy and costing more.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Start with changing the filter on your furnace. Standard sizes are carried at most major retailers and often cost just a few dollars per filter for a basic filter. Changing the filter regularly can help, but eventually, the system must be cleaned to run at optimum efficiency. This involves bringing in a professional with specialized equipment to trap and remove the dirt and dust that has built up in the system. After a thorough professional cleaning, your home’s heating system will function better and more efficiently, saving you money when it counts.