Aeroseal®Duct Sealing

Aeroseal ® Duct Sealing




• Attract visitors; have return visitors
• Obtain better reviews
• Ensure comfort
• Eliminbate dust; provide fresher atmosphere
• Comply with safety regulations and codes
• Contain energy costs
• Increase outsourcing/vendor/tenant retention
• Have better resale value

“(Aeroseal) dramatically improved the efficiency of the
current system, allowed us to reduce energy use related to heating
and the use of exhaust fans and it solved a lot of issues related to
poor ventilation. We expect pay back on the duct sealing to take
less than two years. Then it’s simply ongoing savings right off the
top of the hotel’s monthly operating expenses.”
—Jason Delambre, Energy Consultant, Interdependent Energies LLC


       • Reduces up to 90% duct leakage
       • Fixes pressurization issues
       • Decreases fan horsepower
       • Extends equipment life
       • Better IEQ
       • Increases comfort
       • Does not require shutdown or
          interruption of daily operations to
          Aeroseal buildings
      • Consumes less energy
      • Saves on heating and cooling costs


      Creating optimal hospitality environments
for better visitor experiences.


Is Your Hotel a Place Where Visitors Will Want to Return?


People spend billions of dollars on travel especially on
hotel stays. A high-quality environment is critical to your
hospitality business. Comfortable lodging and dining
spaces can increase business at your hotel and ensure
that your guests return time and time again.


Essential for hospitality spaces is that they:
         • Provide evenly balanced air temperatures throughout
           all spaces creating better air flow
         • Provide comfortable rooms for more visitor and
           worker satisfaction
         • Save significant amounts of spending on wasted air
           leakage and equipment overload
         • Reduce toxins, particles, and microbials to provide
           less smells; fresher air
We help your customers achieve these goals to perform
in the highest possible level of quality air and comfort
with our patented, innovative duct sealing solution.


Proven Positive Outcomes in Hospitality Spaces


A typical hotel loses 25-40% of heating and cooling energy through the ductwork. Aeroseal reduces up to 90% of that duct leakage. And, our commercial duct sealing system will reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.


Our duct sealing solution covers:
        • lodging rooms
        • dining rooms
        • waiting and gathering areas
        • meeting and work spaces


Case Study:


Capital Plaza Finds Aeroseal Duct Sealing
Reduces Monthly Energy Bill, Ends
Chronic Mold Problems & Eliminates Cold
Spots – Pays For Itself In 18 Months


Building: Capital Plaza Hotel, Frankfort, Kentucky
Aeroseal Contractors: Service Tech
Energy Consultants: Interdependent Energies
Building Specs: 10-story; 160,000 ft2; hotel/
convention center. First opened in 1960.


Goal: Reduce duct leaks; save energy; improve IAQ.
Before Aeroseal: Total leakage: 6,270 CFM
After Aeroseal: Total leakage: 771 CFM
Results: 90% reduction in leakage.


“(We) got to see how the Aeroseal technology
actually worked. The computer-generated graph follows
the sealing process in real time, and we watched as the
leaks were sealed and the CFM of lost air went down to
practically nothing. There was no other way, short of
tearing down and rebuilding the hotel, that we could
have gotten anything near these results.”
—Chad Braden Director of Facilities, Capital Plaza


We help you achieve these goals and provide your customer with the highest possible level of quality air and cleanliness with our patented, innovative duct sealing solution.

 If you are a hotel, hospital, school, or other commercial building,  please contact us for a FREE consultation and estimate: Aspen Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing, 270 Lawrence St.
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