Aeroseal ® Duct Sealing

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Efficiency. Reliability. Comfort



  • Attract tenants; retain tenants
  • Reduce costs for tenants
  • Ensure comfort
  • Improve cleanliness; fresher atmosphere
  • Comply with safety regulations and codes
  • Contain energy costs
  • Attract outsourcing/vendors
  • Provide better resale value


  • Reduces up to 90% duct leakage
  • Fixes pressurization issues
  • Decreases fan horsepower
  • Extends equipment life
  • Better IEQ
  • Increases comfort
  • Does not require shutdown or interruption of daily operations to Aeroseal buildings
  • Consumes less energy
  • Saves on heating and cooling costs

“I was more than skeptical. It sounded like one of those miracle products that slices and dices. The difference is that this actually worked perfectly. All the shafts were quickly sealed to levels well within the code requirements. Since it is a pressurized delivery system, it will find and seal all the leaks. It was a real project saver and I would definitely use Aeroseal again.” — Bob Evans, Senior Project Manager, Hyundai U.S


Creating optimal office environments for better tenant & worker experiences


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Proven Positive Outcomes in Commercial Spaces

A typical commercial building loses 25-40% of heating and cooling energy through the ductwork. Aeroseal reduces up to 90% of that duct leakage. And, our commercial duct sealing system will reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Our duct sealing solution covers:

  • Offices spaces
  • The building base and control centers
  • waiting and work spaces
  • Warehouses and storage spaces
  • gathering areas and conference rooms

 Case Study

Hyundai’s New U.S. Corporate Headquarters Opens on Schedule with Help from Aeroseal

The Ductwork: Building engineers could not get official sign off for the project because of excessive leaks in the structure’s four smoke evacuation shafts and the outside return air shaft.

Location: Fountain Valley, California

Engineer of Record: Glumac

Aeroseal Provider: Aeroseal West Coast

Goal: Meet code requirements for duct leakage. Stay on schedule.

Before Aeroseal: 14,861 CFM of leakage

After Aeroseal: 808 CFM of leakage

Results: Code required 5% or less leakage. Aeroseal reduced leakage from 20% to 1.1% (a 95% reduction).

“Fixing those leaks and getting signoff on the project meant nothing short of tearing into the newly constructed vents and starting over. This scenario would have delayed the building’s opening and running up costs. With Aeroseal, we were able to effectively seal the leaks in just a matter of days. The entire cost of aerosealing was about equal to the cost of the scaffolding alone needed for the alternative option.” — Brian Berg, Engineer of Record, Glumac

Is Your Building a Foundation for Tenant Retention?

People spend 90% of their time indoors—much of those hours are spent at work in enclosed spaces. A high quality work environment is critical to tenant retention and worker satisfaction and productivity. Essential for commercial facilities is that they:

  • provide evenly balanced air temperatures throughout all spaces creating better air flow
  • provide comfortable spaces for more worker satisfaction and productivity
  • save significant amounts of spending on wasted air leakage and equipment overload
  • reduce toxins, particles, and microbials and provide fresher air

We help your customers achieve these goals to perform in the highest possible level of quality air and comfort with our patented, innovative duct sealing solution.

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