US: Duct leakage a main contributor in energy loss


The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) has released a survey that explored the various factors associated with energy loss in commercial buildings.

According to the survey, duct leakage was voted by the majority of engineers and other building professionals, as the main contributor of energy loss.

Additionally, the majority of respondents highlighted leaky ducts as a common issue. Roughly 55% of survey participants believed duct leakage rates of 15% or more are common, while 13% rated the issue as highly likely.

The survey also indicated that 22% of building professionals have experience the issue of duct leakage in both new and existing buildings.

Neal Walsh, senior vice president, Aeroseal, commented: “For decades, the problems associated with duct leakage in commercial buildings have typically been underestimated for one simple reason — fixing the problem has been a highly expensive and intrusive proposition.”

He asked: “Now that new innovations in duct sealing technology are available, building professionals are finding duct sealing to be the new low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy savings for both new and existing buildings.”

Conducted in December 2015, the survey, which was sponsored in part by Aeroseal LLC, queried a total of 236 BCA members. Quizzed on various building performance issues, participants comprised of engineers, facility managers, as well as commissioning agents.

Source: Alexander Pieri for Construction Week Online



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