Aeroseal Duct Sealing Featured In North American Builders Magazine


If you’re looking for information about the transformative nature of Aeroseal duct sealing technology, just check out the latest issue of North American Builders magazine. The July/August issue includes a feature article on Aeroseal entitled “Groundbreaking Solution” and the 6-page spread really highlights how the innovative technology is having a huge impact on commercial building retrofit projects. Staff reporter, Kecia Bal, did a great job digging into the background of several commercial projects where energy savings and improved ventilation/indoor air quality were the goals…and Aerosealing was the only way to reach them.

From a luxury condominium high rise to a major university, to a New York City skyscraper, the article offers a variety of examples of how Aeroseal duct sealing technology is changing the rules on building performance.

“The problem is enormous,” Aeroseal’s Neal Walsh is quoted as saying. “All of the research points to the same thing, the No. 1 cause of energy waste in existing buildings today is air duct leakage.” And as the article goes on to explain, the problem has been all but ignored for centuries simply because there was no viable solution…until now.

“That’s where Aeroseal’s patented technology process to seal cracks and holes in air duct systems in new or existing structures offers a solution.”

You can learn how hundreds of commercial buildings across the U.S. have used Aeroseal duct sealing to eliminate chronic mold, improve ventilation and reduced energy consumption – and as a result, saved thousands of dollars each year in reduced energy bills alone. And if your looking for full-color images that show what 21st Century duct sealing looks like, this is the article to check out. If you don’t have a subscription and can’t find the latest issue of North American Builders at the newsstand, you can check it out on line:

Source: Brad Brenner for Aeroseal

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