Falling Back – Change More than Just Your Clock!


We know everybody is excited for that extra hour of sleep this month.
And we also know you will probably uncover at least one clock (the microwave, the stove) that you failed to reset.

Take a few minutes of this extra hour and do a few quick tasks around your home to make sure your family is ready for the season.

1. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – This can be the difference between life and death for your family. Flames can consume a home very quickly, a properly functioning smoke alarm saves lives.

2. Switch your ceiling fan direction – Switch the direction to clockwise which helps pull down the warm air that gets trapped near the ceiling. This can help to reduce home heating costs.

3. Drain your water heater – We all take our water heater for granted, until we wake up to a cold shower. It is recommended to drain one quart of water from your heater on an annual basis. Follow these steps for simple instructions.

4. Call a chimney sweep – According to the Chimney Safety Inspection Institute, chimneys should be checked on an annual basis for obstructions and soot build-up.

5. Schedule a furnace check-up – Ensure your system is running at peak performance before winter is in full force.

6. Clean your fridge’s coils – Pull it out from the wall, take your vacuum to the coils and remove dust and debris that has accumulated over the year. This will increase your refrigerator’s efficiency.

7. Evaluate your emergency kit – Replenish batteries, flashlights, band- aids, bottled water, etc. – anything you may have used over the year. We don’t want you to be caught unprepared if the need would arise.

Did we fill your extra hour?

We wanted to share these simple tasks because we feel they are important for your family’s health and safety – our number one concern.  Enjoy your extra hour!

Source: Aeroseal

Aspen Air Duct Cleaning would like to add a Number 8 to the list.
8. Inspect and clean your air ducts and dryer vents – Promote healthy air and prevent dryer fires.

Aspen Air Duct Cleaning is an approved Aeroseal Dealer. Call Aspen Air Duct Cleaning at 1-800-931-6653 for an Air Duct System Inspection and to learn more about how sealing air duct leaks can improve indoor air quality and reduce your energy bills. Or email info@aspenenvironmentalservices.com


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