Ventilation for Commercial Buildings

Chances are, your building’s ventilation system is broken.  According to the EPA and others, 80% of today’s buildings have ventilation shafts that leak an average of 15% or more. These leaks are the primary cause of ineffective building exhaust.
Like sucking air through a straw with holes in it, no matter how hard you try, getting the straw to work can be an impossible feat…until you seal those holes.

Symptoms of Poor Building Ventilation

Unfortunately, poor building ventilation can cost you plenty. Research has clearly linked faulty building ventilation to higher energy costs, added maintenance costs, chronic health issues, reduced worker productivity, increased absenteeism, lower student scores, and indoor comfort problems. Some common signs of poor ventilation include:

  • Persistent Mold & Mildew – Especially in Bathrooms
  • Chronic Odor Issues
  • Higher than Normal Energy Bills
  • High Rate of Worker Illness & Absenteeism
  • Noisy Exhaust Systems

An Easy Solution to Poor Building Ventilation:

Most experts agree, the reason most U.S. buildings today are plagued with poor ventilation is because there simply wasn’t a practical solution. With most ventilation ductwork hidden behind walls or otherwise hard to access, finding and sealing the leaks responsible for the problem was just too expensive and too disruptive to even consider – so for decades, ventilation issues were simply ignored.

Aeroseal duct sealing technology changed that. Now, sealing the leaks that cause poor ventilation is a straightforward, cost-effective process. Since Aeroseal is applied from the inside of the ductwork, finding and sealing leaks is done with minimal if any disruption to existing structures. Projects can often be completed in as short as a single afternoon. A computerized report shows the actual before and after results.

A Proven Strategy for Ventilation Issues


Aerosealing ventilation shafts solved chronic mold issues at the Capital Plaza Hotel. It reduced energy costs for the Carlyle Towers High-Rise and allowed Condell Hospital to meet pharmacy exhaust regulations.

Aeroseal helps buildings of all types with ventilation problems.

Source: Aeroseal

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