New Online Energy Savings Calculator


New Online Energy Savings Calculator


Have you ever wondered how much money you can save each month by having the leaks in your home’s ductwork effectively sealed with Aeroseal? Now you can, thanks to a simple new online energy-savings calculator available on the newly unveiled Aeroseal website.

The Aeroseal homeowner energy savings calculator is easy to use. Users simply answer a few basic questions, such as the amount of their average monthly utility bill and where their home’s ductwork is located. In seconds, they receive an estimate of how much savings they can expect by Aerosealing their ductwork.

“People are often amazed at how much energy they lose through leaks in their ductwork, and even more surprised by how much savings they can realize simply by having those leaks effectively sealed using Aeroseal technology,” said Ken Summers, vice president of Comfort Institute, a home performance research, training and consumer protection organization. “The new calculator makes it easy to see why studies continue to show that effectively sealing the ductwork is often the single most effective thing homeowners can do to save energy.”

The new energy savings calculator is just one of several new features found on the recently redesigned Aeroseal website, launched last week. The site also offers building owners a simple tool to help estimate the amount of leakage present in their buildings’ ductwork, as well as a new easy-to-use Aeroseal dealer locater that makes it simple to find licensed residential and commercial Aeroseal service providers in your neighborhood.

The first thing people will notice when visiting the newly designed website is that getting the information they need is now easier then ever before. Starting with the site’s home page, users now have a choice between residential or commercial applications. Once that choice is made, they receive the tools and information specific to their specific needs.

“Whether you are a homeowner looking to improve the comfort of your home or an engineer looking for ways to improve the ventilation in your building, the new Aeroseal website makes it simple to find the information you need,” said Brian Smith, director of marketing for Aeroseal LLC. “As the use of Aeroseal continues to grow, we knew we needed to provide the answers to all the questions people have about the technology and its use. We think the public will agree – this new website does the trick.”

Other features of the new Aeroseal website include an easy interface for mobile phones, tablets and other platforms, an improved format for learning about the use of Aeroseal and related case studies, a detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) page and a comprehensive library of videos, photos, documents and other materials related to indoor comfort, energy savings and indoor air quality.

You can find the Aeroseal energy savings calculator at The new Aeroseal website is located at

Source: Brad Brenner for Aeroseal

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