University Hospital Uses Aeroseal for Safe, Unobtrusive Sealing



UOHI turned to new duct sealing technology to solve one problem and wound up solving two. Hospital monitors detected that an isotope created in one of the institute’s laboratories had somehow migrated to an adjacent wing of the building. By using Aeroseal technology to seal possible leaks in one of the ventilation shafts, the hospital could ensure that the isotope wasn’t spreading from one shaft to the other. Once the shaft was Aerosealed, the hospital immediately noticed another significant benefit – dramatically improved ventilation efficiency and lower energy costs.

The Problem
There was only one way to ensure the migrating isotope wasn’t being spread through leaks in the ventilation system – and that was to seal those leaks. Using traditional duct sealing methods would have been extremely disruptive and expensive. Entire wings would have had to been shut down as workers tore down walls to access the ductwork.

The Solution
Fortunately, the hospital’s duct specialists, AWS Remediation Technologies, had heard about Aeroseal, a breakthrough technology that works from inside the duct system. With Aeroseal, the actual sealing process took less than a day. Regular hospital operations continued uninterrupted.

Source: Jonathan Sharp for Aeroseal

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