The Importance of Spring Duct Cleaning


If you’re like everyone else in New England, you can’t wait for spring to arrive. While we all look forward to the warm, sunny days, most of us dread time-consuming seasonal tasks like spring cleaning. At Aeroseal Solutions, we look forward to spring because it’s one of the best times to perform duct cleanings that help home and business owners enjoy the many benefits of enhanced indoor air quality. If you’re planning a thorough home or business cleaning, consider having your ducts cleaned as well.

Duct Cleaning Recommendations

Spring is the perfect season for duct cleaning because there’s a small window between the height of the heating season and the beginning of the cooling season.


Industry associations and government agencies like the EPA recommend duct cleanings in specific circumstances. You don’t need to have a problem with mold, pests or construction debris to benefit. Cleanings are recommended if you can see dust coming from your vents. A thorough cleaning will also address stale or unpleasant odors that are noticeable when the system in running.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning and Sealing
If you or anyone in your family has experienced itchy, watery eyes, coughing, choking or respiratory discomfort this winter, dirty ducts could be the culprits. Families with asthma or allergy sufferers can benefit the most from a thorough duct cleaning. Pet owners will also notice a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality.

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Before we begin the cleaning, our experts will assess your entire HVAC system. We pay extra attention to the supply and return ducts. The return is especially vulnerable because debris is pulled into the system where it coats fans and air handling components. On the other side, debris from the ducts is ejected into your living space, which can trigger allergy symptoms and fuel your discomfort.


Duct sealing is another thing to consider. This process can increase efficiency significantly while sealing cracks and gaps that allow pollutants to enter and contaminate your ductwork. Experts estimate that 20 percent of conditioned air escapes through cracks and loose fittings. If that much air can get out, you can imagine how much dirt and dust can enter.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality
In addition to having your ducts cleaned and sealed, you can improve your air quality by adopting these smart habits.

  • Dust and vacuum regularly
  • Replace return filters monthly
  • Minimize the use of chemical cleansers
  • Have your HVAC system serviced annually
  • Hire a professional to inspect your ducts
  • Increase ventilation

Source: Aeroseal

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